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When I have something good to share, this is where you'll find it.  Things to share, things to make, things to read.  Basically anything goes here, but rest assured, in some way or some form it is random.  And it is good.


I have never once claimed to be a professional singer or musician.  Keep that in mind.

Are you as tired as I am in the morning?

Print and cut these handy dandy lunchbox laughs! Download the pdf here.


Pierogi 101: If my Grandma could access this page for giving out her recipe, she'd have my neck and otherwise.

Macaroni and Cheese and Cheese and Cheese

New recipes posted every week on my blog, too.  Check out what's for dinner or Meatless Monday if you're that kind of eater.


Coming soon...

Handmade items...






For a great list of blogs, check out my blogroll!

Momicillin  "Get your daily dose."

The Daily Record  Kind enough to put me in print every week since 2009.

Set  A daily addiction, for no good reason.  Quiddler, too.

Orrville Public Library  Best.  Library.  Ever.

Heartland Point  Another great hangout, and best coffee in town.

Mamazina  Always something good.  Blog, too.

Are you a tree nerd too?   If so, check this out.

The Wilderness Center Makes life a better place to hike. Don't forget to check out their fabulous programs.

Green Hour  Connecting children and nature, like it should be.


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