The long story...

When my oldest daughter was two months old, I took her to a local Musikgarten class.  I happily sang to her and bounced her little head around, not knowing what kind of magic I was instilling in this child.

Fast forward a few years, and in 2003 I took the necessary courses to become my own Musikgarten teacher, and have been teaching ever since.  Specializing in ages 0-3, my experience teaching Musikgarten and taking it with my own children has been extremely rewarding.  The program is outstanding in and of itself, and I have a piano playing daughter to prove it.  Apparently bouncing her little head around so many years ago worked.

I currently teach classes privately at Trinity Methodist Church in Orrville. Classes are as affordable as I can make them and guaranteed a fun time for kids and parents.  You can email me for more information.  I also am the preschool music teacher at the Montessori School of Wooster.

Besides Musikgarten, I also whip out the old guitar and sing when I can.  Somehow along the way "Campfire Karrie" was born because I am just too nostalgic to let the old classics fade away and be eaten by the latest animated craze on Nick Jr.  I have performed at the Week of the Young Child in Wayne County, Ohio, to an audience of over 400.  (Boy, was I blushing!)  The local library has also been my stage, as well as a Thursday Night performer at the local park pavilion, so I've really done my part embarrassing my kids by being the crazy mom with the guitar throughout the years.  

For more information about the Musikgarten program, visit their Web site here.


The short story...

I love making music with children. What other profession actually encourages moving like a worm and playing the kazoo?  Yah, it's that much fun.

My classes are open for enrollment each session: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Young children through preschool age and their parents are exposed to different sounds, rhythms, rhymes, and tones.  It is truly a sneaky educational experience.

Contact me at karriemcallister @ aol [dot] com for more information.


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